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Good’s dedicates its first collection to the architecture in Naples, birthplace of art and culture and home of the brand. For the launch of the GOOD'S collection, an artwork of 6x2.40 meters was created, plotted on aluminum panels, by the artist Maurizio Rodriguez who interprets the design idea that led to the creation of the Architecture collection.

Art Maurizio Rodriguez

Maurizio Rodriguez

Piperno and travertine, elements of the Campania subsoil, born of an ancient chaos fire, are revealed to the sight and the mind. They take form from Naples architecture to become anima. Some of these architecture details impress the metal inside the temples. “Alchimie” (Alchemies) wants to visually narrate the transformation of the matter and the birth of an object, synthesis of a project and a cultural path.

Art Maurizio Rodriguez

“Alchimie” is expressed in “black and white”, referring to the transition from dark to the light of the town and the “seeing”. It is a digital photo collage, a language that is not commonly used nowadays: the materials used are photographs (not contour-cut or just cut, but treated adjusting contrast and exposure, as in the dark room), photocopies and elaboration of photocopies and all that can be allowed by the photographic and analogic graphic techniques. The execution through the digital means guarantees speed in displaying different hypothesis, a remarkable variety of variations in search of a final image and a facility of corrective measures.