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La nostra storia


We walk in our fathers’ footsteps, children of the Buono family, who has been researching and developing innovation and design in the world of optics. We go far to make experiences, grow and train but we come back to our home, Naples. We do well what we know and we develop and experiment what we encountered.


We grow and choose to design glasses following that same philosophy: bring the anima to the surface, give it an aesthetic essence that is not only functional. A new shape.



We are living beings, part of a whole, travelling in the universe. We are its children and we respect it. We use for our products exclusively 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials. We cherish monomaterial packaging, make green choices for communication and reduce moving at minimum for the distribution of our brand.



The right way to grow is to have solid roots.

We believe in our roots, since it is thanks to the example of the past that innovation makes its way, opening new scenarios.

New points of view, new perspectives.

Piero Buono

Piero Buono Founder & Managing Director

Francesco Maria Stazio

Francesco Maria Stazio Founder & Creative Director

Walter Wiliam Engle

Walter Wiliam Engle Founder & Web Manager


We believe in team, example of diversity working in synergy, like a root from which everything grows: the individual will never be more precious than the team.

la Tradizione

The right way

Anima and heart, core of our strength, led us to choose our facilities, Palazzo Degas, in one of the places symbol of Naples: piazza del Gesù Nuovo, where heart and anima beat fast. Observing beauty and experiencing it intimately helps us to create new visions.

Gli espositori

The right way to

Nothing is left to chance. Every detail is the result of research and balance. In the POP material, the smooth elements in polymethylmethacrylate, used for yachts, are combined with the rough scaffold wooden boards used for handling and restoring the angels of Giuseppe Sammartino of Gerolamini church in Naples, by A.Re.N., Associazione Restauratori Napoletani.