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The right way to BE UNIQUE


The most important thing I learned is that readability and beauty are very similar and that typographic design should be felt but not felt by the reader.

Adrian Frutiger



The souls derive from the world of fonts, with the engraving of the writing "the right way to look at things" (Good's payoff) composed by 7 different fonts. This writing develops from right to left, like the lead lines produced by the Linotype printing machine, invented by the German watchmaker Ottmar Mergenthaler in 1886, which revolutionized the world of printing and was for this reason defined by Thomas Edison as "the eighth wonder of world".


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The Frutiger model is inspired by the Frutiger font, born in France in 1975 by the skilful hand of the Swiss Adrian Frutiger, from which the name obviously comes, as a font for the signs and indications of the newborn Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris. It is a particular but legible, clean, harmonious and recognizable typeface, with a modern appearance and extreme readability from various angles and distances thanks to the wide openings and the very protruding ascending and descending rods.


Biocetate: The frame is in Mazzucchelli M49 bioacetate, 100% recyclable and biodegradable, without chemical agglomerates to avoid allergic reactions and its natural origin is also revealed to the touch with a pleasant “warm and silky effect”.

Front frame: The front follows the design of the font in the proportion of thicknesses between horizontal and vertical rods, which do not have major differences between them, and in the inclination of the ascending and descending rods. The result is an harmonic but recognizable frame with a simple but modern look just like the font created by the Swiss.

Temple: The temple is fixed to the UPN hinge by means of two rivets and detaches from the front, leaving the metal hinge visible. The perforated “o” taken from the Good’s writing is reproduced on the back.

Anima (core): visible from the outside thanks to the transparency of the acetates and made to an exclusive Good’s design, it reproduces an inscription in relief – Good’s payoff “the right way to look at things” – developed from right to left, like the lead lines produced from the ancient Linotype printing machine, invented in 1886, and defined by Thomas Edison as “the eighth wonder of the world”.

Hinge: the exclusive hinge created by Good’s, inspired by the UPN metal beam used in construction, runs entirely through the acetate front end, becoming a decorative frieze on the front, and is anchored with a lateral screw that allows for greater stability and ease of replacement.


Frutiger declares that “a letter follows the same canons of beauty as a face: a beautiful letter has perfect proportions. If the bar of the “T” is placed too high, or if the curve of an “A” is too low, this disproportion is as jarring as a long nose or small chin.


  • 100% handmade in Italy
  • Mazzucchelli M49 bio-acetate, polished by hand
  • Details are all milled and manufactured by hand, through 60 processing steps