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The right way to BE UNIQUE



I have been an architect in a world where, before me, to women were forbidden to attend the Architectural university, I never commit myself to interior design, considered a feminine work, but throughout monumental and simple constructions I came closer to the simplicity of the line that allowed me to express the most efficient rationalism.

E. Luzzatto 1900-1983

Anima Gesù Nuovo

Anima Gesù Nuovo

The decoration of this core is inspired by the diamond-tipped ashlar of the Gesù Nuovo church in Naples (XV century).


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Inspired by architect Elena Luzzatto Valentini (1900-1983) first woman to graduate in architecture in Italy. Very important in the Italian architectural panorama, not only because it was the first, but above all because she did not remain a mere designer of other people’s projects or dedicated herself to interior design (at the time strongly stereotyped as “feminine work”). This model has simple, decisive and clean lines taken from a rationalist design in which the architect Luzzatto was a pioneer.


This model has been expressly dedicated to women who want to emerge with courage and determination, not giving up on their femininity. Awareness of their own abilities, self-confidence and a clear vision of the difficulties that life can put in front, but with the conviction that every obstacle can be overcome.


FRONT FRAME: The trapezoidal shape has strong lines giving a modern and particularly fashion look, making this model an original sketch.

TEMPLES: The front part is in metal while the back in acetate with the reproduction of the perforated “o”, taken from Good’s logo, in the terminal part. Thanks to a slot in the acetate and a screw it is possible to adjust the length of the temples.

ANIMA: on sight, silver or golden color, inspired to the diamond-tipped ashlar of the Gesù
Nuovo church in Naples.

HINGE: The new exclusive hinge created by Good’s, inspired by the UPN metal beam used in architecture, completely crosses the acetate nose, becoming a decorative frieze on the front, and is anchored with two side screws that allow greater stability and ease of replacement.


  • 100% handmade in Italy
  • Mazzucchelli M49 bio-acetate, polished by hand
  • Details are all milled and manufactured by hand, through 60 processing steps
  • New monobloc through Good’s HingeGood’s passante
  • Adjustable in length temples
  • Nosepad pronounced for a better fit